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“The prophecy speaks of a witch more powerful than any before her. I am supposedly that witch from the prophecy. No pressure, right? Wrong.” – Nessa, “The Prophecy’s Daughter”

Rhiannon Kay, a gifted storyteller, has been crafting narratives since she could speak. However, her storytelling journey truly blossomed when she began translating her thoughts onto paper. Her evolution as a writer has been remarkable, from weaving short stories in her early years to composing her inaugural novel during high school, all while producing a multitude of essays and stories, during her studies.
Rhiannon boasts an impressive educational background, having graduated from the University of Idaho with degrees in English—Creative Writing, Journalism, and Broadcasting. Her commitment to the art of storytelling propelled her to earn an MFA in Screenwriting, solidifying her expertise in the craft.

Initially acclaimed for her captivating, romance RAPTURE series, Rhiannon has now ventured into the realm of Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy. She has just released her second YA Paranormal Fantasy novel, “The Prophecy’s Daughter.”

“Nessa has been destined for great power since the day she was born and not just because she is the daughter of the High Priestess. There has long been a prophecy of a witch or warlock who would have power over all the elements, one who would defeat an old enemy and save their kind from doom. Nessa is that witch—the prophecy’s daughter. And the demonic world is back, destroying her coven. The question now is: Does the prophecy’s daughter have what it takes to master her abilities and save her world from destruction?”

An avid Taylor Swift, Lindsey Stirling and Gary Allan fan, Rhiannon loves music and regularly finds her way into stadiums and arenas around the country. Follow her journey on Instagram, and Facebook and TikTok.

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